RAAF Bullsbrook


Step 1 Baseout Step 2 Control Tower Lift Step 3 Heavy duty working deck with tower lift Step 4 Tower up and Auxiliary Buildings based out & Scaffolded Step 5 Dismantle phase Step 6 Dismantle phase PEARCE is one of the busiest RAAF [...]

Royal Perth Hospital Maintenance Work


Scaffold erected at Royal Perth Hospital to replace damaged Brickwork. Scaffold had to be engineered prior to being built. Scaffold was built on the 13th floor (33m up) drilled into the concrete floors and ceilings then punched out through the windows and cantilevered to both roofs. A final 1.2x1.2 bay was hung off the beams [...]

Cockburn Central units, WA


Cockburn Central units, WA With Australand/Frasers Type:  commercial project construction of apartments Overview This project required 250 tonnes of scaffold to be erected progressively for construction phase with minimal adaptions for finishing trades and the dismantle. It was delivered on time and budget. Total scaffold used: 250 tonnes Result The project was completed [...]

Perth Domestic Airport


Perth Domestic Airport Perth Domestic Airport Working with ISIS/Shape We have completed a full upgrade to QANTAS terminal internal and external. Challenge To erect scaffolds for refurbishment of sections of first floor which is at its full load capacity. Solution Engineered cantilevered scaffolds built out of hours for minimal disruption. Time: 6-8 weeks Result Delivered [...]