RAAF Bullsbrook


Step 1 Baseout Step 2 Control Tower Lift Step 3 Heavy duty working deck with tower lift Step 4 Tower up and Auxiliary Buildings based out & Scaffolded Step 5 Dismantle phase Step 6 Dismantle phase PEARCE is one of the busiest RAAF [...]

Royal Perth Hospital Maintenance Work


Scaffold erected at Royal Perth Hospital to replace damaged Brickwork. Scaffold had to be engineered prior to being built. Scaffold was built on the 13th floor (33m up) drilled into the concrete floors and ceilings then punched out through the windows and cantilevered to both roofs. A final 1.2x1.2 bay was hung off the beams [...]

NewGen Kwinana Power Station

Kwinana WA. Newgen supply approximately 10% of the electricity supply to the electrical distribution network for the state of WA. The areas of plant include sensitive and delicate areas such as the Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine along with other areas such as Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Feedwater.

Towers 2 and 4, Kings Square, Perth CBD

Towers 2 and 4, Kings Square, Perth CBD With Broad Constructions and GCS Integrated Services Type:  commercial city center Overview The Kings Square project was a very intricate build with 50m high scaffold built to all four side and external fins.  Level 5 was backproped using engineered drawings then scaffold for the external perimeter was [...]