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Scaffolding demands teamwork. In a profession where working at heights and in an enclosed space with large, heavy pieces of equipment is the norm, the ability to work as one cohesive team is crucial to success.

Ask your scaffolding company:

How many years has your team worked together?

At JB Scaffolding our core team have been working together for 8 years. As new employees join us they are paired with experienced workers until they are fully trained to our way of working. Looking after our new employees in this way ensures their safety and our standards.

Did you know

Involving us at the drawing stage could save you time and money.

We are known for our innovative solutions to some of WA’s most challenging projects but contact us at the drawing stage and we can provide early solutions that will save you thousands of dollars later on.

[Your] ability to think outside the square and provide a better methodology could be crucial in our ability to be awarded projects.

Cameron Paul, State Sales Manager, Programmed Property Services

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