Safe, secure and proven

To us safety goes far beyond the demands of OH&S. Scaffolding is a dangerous business and demands the utmost attention and respect for the working environment at all times.

That is why we pair all of our new employees with experienced scaffolders regardless of whether they hold an advanced scaffolder ticket or not.

Company Director Johnny Buckley has an Honours Diploma in Health and Safety and a Certificate in How to Train. Every job we undertake undergoes a method statement and a job safety analysis to assess the risk. Then a full rescue plan is developed before any work begins.

Ask your scaffolding company:

How many years experience do your advanced scaffolders have?

When it comes to safety, nothing can surpass experience. But experience takes time. Find out how much experience the team has before you hire them for the job.

At JB Scaffolding we believe that only with the best guidance and support can our advanced scaffolders reach the safety and security levels we demand. We invest in our people so that you get the safest scaffolding team for your project.

All of our scaffolders undergo VOC (Verification of Competency) by a registered training provider before entering any major project.

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