Project Description

Towers 2 and 4, Kings Square, Perth CBD

With Broad Constructions and GCS Integrated Services

Type:  commercial city center


The Kings Square project was a very intricate build with 50m high scaffold built to all four side and external fins.  Level 5 was backproped using engineered drawings then scaffold for the external perimeter was erected off this floor.

The roof section was cantilevered and tied to the top floor.  All access and egress points to the building had protective walkways for safety.

This job was built in 1m lifts to avoid the use of harnesses.

Total scaffold used:  480 tonnes

Duration: 12 months

Our team engineered an intricate scaffolding solution that enabled the builders to access the area in the utmost safety without compromising on the finish of the completed lower floors.


Because of the ability to adapt quickly and safely to the changing needs of the project, JB Scaffolding were able to ensure that the build moved smoothly forward towards completion without any delay.

Client feedback

JB Scaffolding has sub contracted to GCS Integrated Services invaluable labour and transport services for some years in an efficient, friendly and professional manner and we would recommend them to anyone in need of a quality provider.
We have found [JB] to be of sound character, highly competent, with a wide and varied skilled set in various forms of scaffolding and one who is a problem solver and thinks outside the square.
Ken Bartlett,
Sales Manager,
GCS Integrated Services Pty Ltd, WA